Brooklyn in Love and at War

History of World War Two Told Through Letters

Winter Soldier

Just a sweet, nothing note – relaying some sweet nothings. How difficult it must be to write a letter when nothing happens and you cannot reveal your location.


Feb 20/ 45

Darling wife,

I guess tomorrow the mail will get to the post office. We hit land again and the old routine will start all over. For the time being we cannot indicate where we are, til we get instructions from shore.

            We are beginning to loosen up, somehow the word is going around that it won’t be long before we start for home. How I wish it were true. My best estimate is about the middle of April if all goes per schedule. Just for spring. It will be swell if it comes true.

            I’ve got hold of a book the best plays of 1942-43.


There is a collection of plays amongst the theme “Winter Soldier” and “Patriot” and the “Love of Saint Mark,” I’ve read the Patriot and am reading Winter Soldier and both are really fine.

            Darling that is all for the time being. There will be much more to write once in port. But still I want you to get an extra letter so that you may not feel neglected. If there is one possibility I’ll take a picture and send it to you. When in England I tried and would have had to wait six weeks before finished.

With all my love – my two dearest girls in the whole world from

            Your boring 

                         Old Man

Give my love to the folks and yours, will write them soon.

The play that Alex refers to, “The Winter Soldier” was written by Daniel Lewis James, who began using the pseudonym Daniel Santiago in the sixties (with mixed reactions about the fake name’s implied ethnicity).


One comment on “Winter Soldier

  1. Gerald Markowitz
    September 2, 2016

    Beautiful.and so sweet that Alex signs himself “boring”, which no one who knew him would ever call him. Thanks so much for writing this, Molly!!

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