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Heart to Heart

Hello and thank you for your patience! It has been some months since I last posted, but the reason for that actually relates to this blog. I began writing about my grandmother’s letters when I first moved to Brooklyn about 4 years ago and discovered parallels between my life and hers–even though I never met Sylvia and know little about her. I have moved and changed careers many times since then, but I am now back in Brooklyn and have continued to find ways that my life follows and re-frames the life of my grandmother.

My silence over the last few months has been in part because I found out over the summer that I would need open heart surgery. It was surprising news to get at the age of 27, and from the moment I found out, it loomed over everything. I’m happy to say that I’m almost at the four week mark post-surgery and everything went smoothly and successfully. How, you ask, does this relate to Sylvia?

This building has been converted into an apartment complex.

The old Brooklyn Jewish Hospital today has been converted into an apartment complex.

Well, Sylvia passed away only a few years after the letters you have been reading were written. She was only 34 years old, my aunt (her daughter, Cookie) was 8 and my dad was 4. She died just a few blocks from the first apartment I lived in in Brooklyn – at what was the Jewish Hospital in Prospect Heights. The family always thought she died from a heart complication that started with an infection she got at the dentist. However, with the discovery of my recently-repaired congenital heart defect, it seems increasingly likely that she suffered from the same condition, but lived at a time when it couldn’t be fixed. I feel incredibly lucky to have received the care I did, which didn’t exist in the not-so-distant past.

As I, and my family, process all of this I wanted to share two postcards that Sylvia wrote to her children from a sanatorium in Suffern, NY in 1951.


Postcard to Children

 Postcard to David Adrienne Postcard


3 comments on “Heart to Heart

  1. Genealogy Lady
    November 20, 2013

    How sad the postcards are, knowing that she didn’t live very long afterwards. And good health to you and a speedy recovery from your surgery. 🙂

  2. Nana
    November 21, 2013

    Molly, I’m sooooooo happy surgery went well and your recovery is coming along smoothly…. I’m keeping you in my daily prayers!!

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