Brooklyn in Love and at War

History of World War Two Told Through Letters

Knots of Love

This is a postcard that is currently on view at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center (@BLDG92)! Go see it in person!

Molly Rosner_1943-09-27_Postcard_R

Molly Rosner_1943-09-27_Postcard_V
Alex Rosner A.S.
Company 360 US N.T.S.
Sampson N.Y.

This one struck me funny. Well so far they thought [sic] us only one knot probably they’ll teach us more later. My love to you and Baby. Alex

[Symbol] Means L, means love.


I think this mass produced card speaks to a concern that was on a lot of people’s minds as they tried to navigate their roles in the war and at home. Here, the curvy lady stands at the sink doing dishes while the navy man sits baffled (did Alex draw sweat drops?) with the baby in his lap. He may know about being on a ship but the diaper is proving to be beyond him.

This card deciphers what the dots and lines and boxes at the bottom of various letters mean! A Google search reveals that “. — . .” is morse code! I think that’s a sweet new way that Alex and Sylvia found to say “I love you.” Happy early Valentine’s Day!

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