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History of World War Two Told Through Letters

Farts and Giggles

I’m getting these posts started again with a lighthearted and funny letter from Sylvia in 1943. Alex, at this time, is still posted in Virginia for training. This allows for more levity than the letters Sylvia writes in later years. Cookie has added some illustrations of what look like helicopters and airplanes to the envelope and Sylvia sings and jokes cheerfully as she plans for Alex’s leave. She is still living on Jerome Street in Brownsville in 1943.  I appreciate what a blatant form of propaganda the stamp on this envelope is. It simply reads “Win the War” and features an eagle with 13 stars. Sylvia also mentions that she is going to a church committee meeting. If this strikes you as odd, since she was a secular Jew, that’s because it is. The omnipresent, anti-communist censor already wields it’s power in this letter and Sylvia knows she cannot write that she is attending a communist party meeting. While she leaves off with a sophisticated code for her political actions she opens with some of her less sophisticated jokes.


Tuesday – 12/14 (1943)

 Dearest Sweetheart –

Welcome home, darling. I know it’s a little premature, but I feel like celebrating your arrival earlier.

When daddy comes marching home again
Hurrah, hurrah
We’ll give him a hearty welcome then
Hurrah, hurrah
Oh Mommy will cheer and the baby will shout
And all the damn relatives will come about
And we’ll all shout, “Welcome, welcome Alex, dear!”

Oh darling, Cookie farted loud and long in her excitement-And they’re just like her daddy’s. I smell the resemblance! (JOKE)

Adrienne has the high-chair from Sadie’s friend. It’s solid but I’ll have to paint it, and get a new pillow for her little (?) tuchas. It’ll be perfectly all right for Cookie – and she might be able to use it in a few weeks. Cookie stands like this now and swings back and forth.

She looks quite adorable doing that. Fay and Sam’s kid Susan (KU) did this at 8 or 7 months of age! So you see, our infant is quite well developed. Tomorrow I’ll be taking her to Dr. Black – at 1:30 and I can reach him by taking the line at Jerome and Sutter, so it’s convenient too, besides his being a good doctor. I wrote you about him but you didn’t answer.

Mommy took a nice long walk today (some excitement!) because she’s getting too fat. So please don’t say she didn’t warn you. You won’t recognize her tuchas when you see it. It’s 2x the size it was when last you saw it. And she won’t blame you too much if you refuse to take her in your lap – because she’ll squash you flat!! (But baby I can’t wait to sit in your lap and have your arms around me.) Mommy’s going to church committee meeting tonight. Will write you about it.

Want to mail this off to you. Lots of love and some very warm, close embraces, with a few resounding kisses thrown in.

Mommy and Cookie


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