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Wonderfulest little girl in the world

The romance between Alex and Sylvia may be a wonderful relationship to explore, but I find it even more moving when I see “father” as Alex’s primary role in these letters. Maybe because I knew him as my grandfather, and maybe because his uber-affectionate parenting style so closely resembles my dad’s. It could also be because Adrienne had so little say in the matter of growing up without certain parental figures in her life and these letters are one way to illustrate how strong the parent-child bond really is.

The complete devotion that my grandparents (Sophie as well as Sylvia) showed their children has been passed down the line to become a staple of family interaction. Here is a letter that Alex wrote to Adrienne and I found his voice much more familiar sounding in this letter than a lot of the others. He is still sarcastic, he does what it took children’s media years to catch up to (aiming programming towards parents as well as their children). His dry humor was lost on me for a lot of years, even made me nervous sometimes. But as I got older I realized that some spunk is a good quality to have, and that not only helped my relationship with my grandpa grow but thoroughly influenced my view of the world and the people in it.

My dear Adrienne,

First thing I want to tell you, is to thank you for the wonderful package you have sent me. I shall eat tonight like a king thanks to you. I’d like to know whose points did you use to buy the can of sardines? I know how hard it must be to get canned goods. The cookies have been already eaten and they were delicious, if I knew that you could do all the turns I would have thought you have baked them. But I suppose if you can’t get back from belly to back then how can you turn the cookies when they bake.

            Now tell your Mummy not to worry because daddy had a very nice time, which on K.P. is not ____. The first two days was hard, but the last one, I became already an experienced craftsman in the art of scullery, so now I am O.K.

Don’t worry about shaving, I am being trained to shave once a day, and my face is as smooth as your fanny.

Now I don’t want to throw boques [bouquets?] but I agree that you are the wonderfulest little girl in the world, and your mummy the wonderfulest full size gal (16 top 18 bottom)

            Well when I come home we will have a contest and gosh, nobody will be able to come into our room, friends or foes.

            I want you to tell mummy not to get all mixed up about dates. I told her that I’ll be home on the 2nd of November Tuesday evening. I’ll leave camp at 9:20 AM the train takes approximately 9 hours to get into N.Y. Penn Station so she can wait for me around 6PM Tuesday eve. The train is a troop train and it may be a little late, but she can find out an hour or two before by calling the Penn Stat. info. Buro and find out the exact time when to expect the train. At any rate tell mom that I’d like to plan when I arrive to go to granma for supper and see your uncle’s and aunts so that on the 3rd and so on I’ll be free to go out. Tell mummy that I also like to see “Arsenic and Old Lace”  rather than dance group.

Now if you can’t explain all this you may let mummy read this. I’ll tell your mummy to let you look around as much as you want to but remember here in the Navy we do things the same way like mummy, when 930PM comes around we all have to be in bed and sleeping and nobody can go around taking looks about what’s going on. And we got to keep mum about it too. So when your sleeping time comes around you too have to do what mummy tells you, as if you were serving in the Navy. I bet your mother must have been a P.O in one of her incarnations.

My vaccinations and injection are all OK. They don’t hurt anymore.

Here is an idea how I look this drawing comes inspired by your own, but where are your ears?

[Below Drawing:] (Tight Pants)

Well, so long dear I’ll have to write to mummy otherwise she will misunderstand!

Millions of Kisses,


One comment on “Wonderfulest little girl in the world

  1. kinsmanofmine
    April 16, 2011

    This is one of my favorite letters! Your grandfather’s excitement and humor clearly shine through in this letter. I can only imagine the conversation he had with his daughter when he arrived!

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