Brooklyn in Love and at War

History of World War Two Told Through Letters

From Renato

Here is a letter from Renato, Alex’s brother in-law (he was married to Anna, Alex’s oldest sister). Together, they had a son named Edward.

My dear Ales,

I am very ansious to see you and every time I ask Sylvia about you, always her answer is “not yet.” I understand that for the situation now in relation to the German offensive you will have to travel more.

I hope you had a good New Year and to receive your letter now about your country home.

We had a good time all together the end of 1944 and also Adrienne was awake and was so escited [sic] about Edward.

The baby is very affectionate to Edward and is calling him “Ed.”

We are fine. Edward  is very good in school, and also in violin lesson.

Two weeks ago there was a play in the school and Edward had the most important role. There were four pages of type writing to remember, and he was very good.

Your affectionate,


Love and kiss from your sister Anna.

Sylvia’s writing: The last of Eugene’s letters was 12/11. He’s o.k. Try to drop him a card.


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