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My fat daddy

This is the entirety of the letter that Sylvia wrote to Alex in August of 1945 (the first page was featured here). Since this is such a long letter I will post it by itself today and leave my commentary for another post.

Dearest Alex-

Cookie and I were at mom’s for a few days – hence I didn’t receive your telegram until today when I returned home again. I sent you a telegram too – and have been depressed ever since! Now I’m sorry that I didn’t go down – and then I look at Cookie and feel better … My darling – the exciting news about Japan’s surrender came in today and I’m so excited and upset that I’m in tears half the time and joking the other half. Excuse me – Cookie’s gentle voice is yelling warningly “I making, mommy.”

Sat. –

Dearest, Your telegram came this morning and your letter followed. I realize what a shock it must have been to you to know I wasn’t coming and now perhaps you can understand something of what I went through whenever I expected you home and you didn’t come.

I’m not saying this maliciously, but just to lighten the tragedy of the Rosners. Incidentally, sweetheart, if by some lucky accident you are given share duty in new Orleans or any other port, the U.S. N. pays for your family’s transportation down there. So bear that in mind… Darling, too bad about the R.C. not being able to help – but with the news about Japan’s

–?— so hopefully it won’t be long now until we’ll be in each other’s arms forever. How I wish you were here to celebrate! To be together for a celebration for the end of the war would be wonderful!! I’ve begun to realize (again?) how wonderful a husband I have and what a stinker I am! ‘Nuf said- it’s all because I love you! Darling, your little daughter still refers to you tenderly as

“My fat daddy” – and she’s really adorable and clever and I can’t get over her – all I can do is sit back and admire her. She now wears her hair in curls or like this on hat days. And she looks adorable!! She’s tanned as we were at the beach last week to visit Tante Drashe [Sylvia’s Aunt] and Adrienne loved it!

This was the first time she saw the ocean water. She went in at first, but refused to go in again. I didn’t force it on her. Tante Drashe is looking for a place for me. Bertie might go back to the country tomorrow (Sunday) and she wants Adrienne and me to go back with her. If she doesn’t go tomorrow, it will be next Sunday.

We’re going with her, of course. Blanche’s boyfriend wrote her a letter telling her he wants to be free and she had a fit of hysterics. The next day she received another note saying he loved her. The whole family is up in arms about it. Everybody at home is well, your little daughter is eating beautifully – for example today –

Breakfast:             Oil, Orange Juice, 2 soft boiled eggs, Slice of buttered bread, Large plate full of cream of wheat, Glass of milk

Lunch: (!!!!!!!)

1/2 lb. Of liver (ground), 3 carrots, string beans, milk, fruit

3 P.M. Malted (1 glass) Ice cream


2 bananas, 1 egg, 1 slice bread, junket milk!

After supper however, she was playing with those wooden beads you brought her (her favorite toy) and almost gagged on one, and she ran tot he toilet and vomited up her supper. So I gave her another glass of milk and put her to bed. She went to bed with Suzy (her favorite doll) and has awakened twice in this last page – once to make “pee pee” and once for water. The other day she played at her friend’s house and called you on the phone.

She lifted the receiver and said commandingly “Daddy, come home. I good girl. Mommy good girl. Come home!” She talks about you as if you were still at home.

I called the Bank Street Nursery School – full time (for 2 year olds) is 400 a year – but special consideration for servicemen’s families. I’ll write the directors tonight and she how much part time would be. I imagine $300 but maybe $25.00 a month if I could get a part-time job to pay, she’d be in one of the best schools in the country.

I’ll let you know what develops. Lina Moser said she’d see about a part – time job in the Mus. Of Mod Art – but maybe I could exchange my services in the Bank St. school for Adrienne’s schooling, or else work there. Well, I’ll see. But the end of the war’s here and all sure plans might have to be changed completely! Because daddy’s coming home! How wonderful that sounds!! Good night, darling. Love me despite my always causing you trouble.

Forever yours,



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