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History of World War Two Told Through Letters

Making friends, making acquaintance

Dearest old man of mine,

After your 3 letters this morning, I feel absolutely drunk with joy. I had a good dinner at your folks’ home – and your mother was afraid that I wasn’t eating enough. Of course, to her a gal merely 150 lbs. is emaciated. They were all delighted with Adrienne, naturally, as why shouldn’t they be.

I’ve just returned from their house with Adrienne, and she was quite a load to carry home. But she’s a good girl on the train, busy making friends with everybody and running all over. Charlie says she’s getting to look more and more like you every day. It makes me very happy to hear that. Anyway, dearest, you’ll be home soon and I hope our home will be fixed up by then. You say we’ll go to the Inn for our anniversary (where you took me the first night of our acquaintance.) Well, there’s a movie we must see, “The Impatient Years” whose theme is based on a young couple being ordered by the judge to relive their courtship day together. The husband has just returned from the Army and he and his wife are trying to get a divorce (no similarity to us) and the judge gives them this order. Of course, then they l.h.e.a. (life happily ever after). I didn’t see it, but someone told me about it. It’s a comedy.


1- Virgie is going to live with her in-laws.

2- Betty Lampel is pregnant.

3- Lida’s on her way out of New York to work with her little theatre

4- I’m busy with our home.

5- Your cousin Serena is pregnant.

6- Your cousin Margaret is in the hospital to be operated on a goiter or something.

7- If I knew what day you’d be in, I’d get tickets for some shows- but we’ll work it like last time. We’re going to have a swell time.

I must rush to Adrienne now, sweetheart – so hurry home to us. I’ll kiss you goodnight lover. Write us.

Love- Sylvia and Adrienne

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