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It’s not as classy

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Darling Sweetheart,

This the stationery I mentioned I had ordered for myself and your mother about three or four months ago. It was delivered just the other day. It’s not as classy as the advertisement stated it would be. But one gets used to anything.

Anyway, Cookie and I are just fine – especially Cookie. She HAS A NEW TOOTH! THE FIRST. To me it looks like a little hole in her lower gum, but Mom says that that’s because the tooth has pushed through finally. She isn’t too cranky or feverish. She has only one disturbance, and that is that she won’t go to sleep until about eight in the evening. I’ll have to continue this in pencil as Cookie isn’t quite asleep and I don’t want to disturb her.

This is just a very short note, but I’ll write you at greater length tomorrow. Did I tell you that Leon’s on a weeks furlough? I think I did. Betty Lampel is coming to dinner tomorrow Bertie Schneider wrote asking what happened to me?

I received your pictures and they’re wonderful. You’re beautiful on all of them. Especially the large one which is tinted. It’s framed and stands on our table! I sent 4 of them to your mother. One for her, 1 for Pauline, 1 for Anna and 1 for Serena. Haven’t heard from her so far, but probably will tomorrow. I’ll send you a long air mail letter tomorrow. Did you receive the package I sent you? Baby darling, there wasn’t too much in the package, as I mailed it before I received the check which came today. I’m going to insert an ad with the NYTimes for work. I also wrote to Jimmy G., A. (?) -, and Nila – a short friendly note and mentioning that I was looking for manuscript work or any typing. Hope you haven’t any objections? Please forgive my haste, but Cookie is stirring and I have to shush her. Please hurry home, and don’t worry about any gifts – this is war and people don’t expect any. All my love, my darling,



This is a short and simple letter that serves mostly to give us a glimpse into the daily life of Sylvia.  I’m sorry I don’t have the photos that Sylvia mentions here. Money continues to be a prominent theme in these letters.  I really like the line, “Please hurry home, and don’t worry about any gifts – this is war and people don’t expect any” because it so succinctly links the personal lives of everyone on the home front with the war. Sylvia wavers between expressing her wishes for new furniture or a new item of clothing and her pragmatic fiscal responsibility. Did she just ask if Alex had objections to her looking for manuscript typing work? I suppose any smart independent woman knows not to bruise a man’s ego by taking too much initiative!

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February 5, 2011 at 12:30 pm

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Papa, father, dad, daddy…

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There are so many beautiful letters and I have spent some time trying to find a letter that best embodies Alex’s role as a father – since I didn’t write anything specific for Father’s Day. But I’ve come to realize that in every letter he is a father and everyday that I knew him he was a caring father and grandfather. The intensity of the love that Alex and Sylvia had for each other extended to their children. This will come across in the letters as we continue.  Alex’s generous and caring traits can just as easily be seen in my own father.

At times it is hard to remember that Alex was writing – and being a father – from a rocking, moving ship. He writes about how they had to tie the person on watch to the bridge of the ship during fierce winds. This only makes me realize that even though he may have seemed calm, he was still at war, and no matter the weather someone had to keep watch.

My dearest,

This letters is a hastily written note just to keep you informed of my where abouts. Sweetheart we are on our way, and if this note reaches you, you will know that we arrived either to our destination or to another port. You can’t imagine what a grand feeling it is to hear again the old engine turning. Every turn of it means closer to home, and it is a greatest desire of mine to be back home soon.

There is quite a gale blowing and yesterday the sprays became so big that we had our watch on our bow secured to the bridge of the ship. We like it do [sic], and no one is see sick so far…

It was delightful to read about Adrienne walking out of the candy store with the box of candies. We won’t be long at sea. I cheer up after a short while (I hope) we will be on our way back.

My love to you and Cookie and millions of kisses,


Give my love to our folks

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June 28, 2010 at 7:00 am

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Mommy says we have to be practical not beautiful.

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Sometimes Sylvia wrote to Alex as a wife and sometimes she wrote as a mother. This is a letter from 1945 that Sylvia wrote out in the voice of Adrienne (Cookie). Still, she can’t help adding some of her own adult language. At this point Sylvia was living at 133 Navy Walk in Brooklyn. Alex was stationed abroad on the S.S.Pennsylvania.

Mothers are complicated entities. Sylvia shows how in the span of two pages a mother can be loving, caring, forthright, honest, and pragmatic.

Wed. March 7

Hello daddy –

Here are some more pictures of me – Hope you like them. We took these in that park on the lower east side – near Bubbie’s house where you and Mommy used to take me when I was a baby. When you come home, we’ll all go there together to take pictures.

Yesterday Mommy splurged – she bought me a blackboard and chalk so that I won’t write on the walls – well, I write on the floors instead! Some fun. Today Mommy couldn’t resist 2 ivy plants (75cents + 75 cents) and with all this spending she says we’ll be broke soon. Anyway, we wouldn’t have had enough until the end of the month as I need new shoes (so does Mommy, but she said she’d wait until she had her new suits and then maybe you’d come home with some money.) And I needed some new overalls. Mommy bought me 2 pairs – and they’re so damn big on me – size 6! But Mommy says we have to be practical not beautiful. She says I’ll grow into them. Anyway, daddy, I’m still a well dressed baby, as you can see from the photos. And Mommy doesn’t look so bad either. But whatthehell [sic] do you look like? How about sending us a picture of yourself?

Darling daddy, Mommy can’t write you as she had a bad toothache – but she’ll go to the dentist tomorrow and have it taken care of. That tooth has kept her awake for 2 nights now and she’s acting a little groggy today.

All my love to the grandest dad in the world.



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May 11, 2010 at 12:44 pm


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